About Us

All Tasks Services: Bookkeeping Solutions to Guide Your Small Business

All Tasks Services isn’t just a bookkeeping and administrative solutions company.

We understand how important the numbers are to the business owner. After all, we’re on our own journey.

Since hanging out our shingle in 2007, we continue to offer bookkeeping and business support that is:

  • Professional, always providing compliant books with a clear snapshot of where you’re at
  • Reliable, allowing you peace of mind knowing your bookkeeping will be done on time   
  • Transparent, building trust not just in your numbers, but in our business relationship
  • Value-driven, ensuring you see value in every interaction we have
  • Educational, to help us both grow and share our knowledge
  • Confidential, keeping your business secure.

At our core, these values never let us settle, encouraging us to always improve. This ensures our service gets your books up to date, along with providing reporting that allows you to confidently make informed business decisions. We strive to add value to you, provide clarity in your numbers, and add a little time back to your day.

Our Vision

Helping business owners to get clear on their numbers so they can drive their businesses in the direction they intend.

Your Committed Team

Founded and lead by Dawn Ross, All Tasks Services is a team of committed bookkeepers, all of whom:

  • Are members of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, and have been certified as Professional Bookkeepers (or are on the path to attaining the Certified Professional Bookkeeper designation)
  • Regularly attend seminars and upgrade their skills, staying current on software and industry updates, and
  • Are bonded and insured for your added protection.

Meet Your Team Members

Dawn Ross

All Tasks is my business. I started it up in the summer of 2007 because I believed my strong administrative background would allow me to make a great service business that would be of value to small business owners in Calgary. In running my business over these ten years I’ve learned just what the numbers are saying, and used that information to make changes that have impacted the bottom line significantly. This experience I have with thriving (or not) while running the business has informed my passion for being a resource and removing road blocks for our customers’ own success in their businesses. Knowing that we make a real contribution to our customers, and that they count on the financial information in the work we do is what fires me up to show up every day!

Carolina McLeod

When I first came into All Tasks Services for my interview I had to wait at the conference table while Dawn finished up a phone call. I noticed behind me there was a big wall full of inspiring, positive and supportive quotes. I knew immediately I wanted to work here. Any company that made an effort to boost up their employees and clients was going to be a good fit for me. Since that day, I’ve experienced nothing but support, encouragement and trust. Dawn is always ready and willing to teach and encourages me in the development of my trade. I’ve not experienced such genuine concern for employees, as well as clients as I have experienced with All Tasks Services. It has given me the drive to want to be better and do better for our clients. It’s a pleasure coming in to work every day!

Nancy Stanton

When I was in search of a position, I wanted the opportunity to be useful, needful, have my brain access old knowledge and fill it with new. I more than lucked out when I interviewed with Dawn and she asked me to join the All Tasks’ team. Not only was I able to continue in my favourite roll as a bookkeeper (it is my bread and butter, after all), it gave me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally! I don’t just enter the numbers as our clients give them to us, I am encouraged by Dawn to interact with them, look ahead with them, look at the little and big things that are going to assist our customer in growing their business. Dawn encourages us to discuss the best possible way to handle items that are not every- day occurrences, pushing us to give answers and explain why. Dawn urges us to continue with our professional development, never settle with what we know, but to continue to grow, so that we can offer even better value to our customers.

Discover a team that cares about where you’re going, is quality and compliance sensitive, and custom-solutions oriented. Discover All Tasks Services.

What Our Clients Say

All Tasks Services has been providing excellent bookkeeping services to our company since 2009. Dawn and her team have always been reliable, accountable and on time. We have a strong understanding and trust built between our two companies and they have worked with us to improve and automate our Bookkeeping systems to impressive effect. All Tasks Services has also helped us through many challenges with our business operations, providing excellent service and advice, all with a very personable and professional manner. I would highly recommend All Tasks Services to anyone looking to improve bookkeeping efficiency and performance for their own business.

Sean Rabey, Pump Interactive